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Specialized in penetration testing since 1998

New security vulnerabilities in are discovered daily and the time between discovery and the cyber-criminals exploiting them is approaching zero. As a result, companies are losing more money year after year due to poor preventive IT security ultimately resulting in a breach.

Companies that do not have IT security as a core business often lack the skills necessary to conduct penetration tests. Many argue the importance of an independent third party able to conduct an objective analysis.

Solid preventative IT security is achieved with the help of experts

Proactive IT security is achieved by employing experienced professionals to perform internal and external penetration tests of the networks, test any wireless connections and look for flaws in the applications – particularly those accessible via the Internet.

Sentor has the skills and experience needed

We help you find security flaws that others miss. We achieve this thanks to our experience from thousands of penetration tests, and by using leading tools, methods, and processes. We continually develop our offering to meet the security industry’s diverse requirements.

We offer three types of security assessments / penetration tests:

  • Internal and external security assessment/penetration test of networks
  • Security assessment of wireless networks
  • Security assessment/penetration test of applications

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More information
What methodology do Sentor apply?

A penetration test can be conducted in several different ways depending on client needs. Usually the process looks like this:

  1. Preliminary review and interview with the owner of the system
  2. Reconciliation regarding external / internal boundaries
  3. Penetration test/security assessment
  4. Evaluation av response routines
  5. Presentation in the form of a written report and a verbal briefing of discovered security issues

Video: BBC visited Sentor

Sentor's technical security consultant demonstrates how easy it is to exploit a security hole in an application and get access to critical information. He even takes control of the microphone and webcam on the journalist’s computer.

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