Avoid security flaws
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Courses and seminars

Sentor has over the years implemented a variety of security assessments and penetration tests of our clients’ IT environments. Our unequivocal conclusion is that web applications often has security flaws, that potentially could cause extensive damage. Security flaws caused by low security awareness in general and a lack of focus on security issues in processes for application development and testing.

Sentor offers several courses in secure programming and application development. It is an excellent way to increase your security awareness and integrate security as a natural part of development.

We have the following three courses – but we also offer tailor-made courses

  1. Open course in secure application development (no date is set)
  2. Seminar in secure application development (half day) – Basic (company-specific)
  3. Course in secure application development (2 days) – Extended (company-specific)

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Video: BBC visited Sentor

Sentor's technical security consultant demonstrates how easy it is to exploit a security hole in an application and get access to critical information. He even takes control of the microphone and webcam on the journalist’s computer.

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