Respond to threats
before they become reality

Threat Intelligence provides a better overview of the threats against your business

Cyber security is an arms race where attackers become more sophisticated, well-funded, well-organized, and uses techniques that are difficult to detect and mitigate. In order to stop the attacks, organizations must understand how attackers think, work and the underlying agenda they have.

In a time where many organizations use traditional security technology Sentor has chosen to offer a managed solution that can detect and alert the client about threats before they develop into a crisis.

Monitor private sources and darknets

With Threat Intelligence from Sentor it is possible to monitor public and private sources and darknets to identify different types of threats and activity. Through a partnership with Intelliagg we can also benefit from a leading Machine Learning technology platform that is language-aware and can be customized after each clients specific information needs.

Act on real incidents and avoid the noise

Threat information may lead to increased volumes of false positives that are wasting employee time and makes it difficult to handle the actual attacks. Sentor’s service does the opposite by managing all data in real time, where clients only get notified when it is necessary, so that clients can act on qualified incidents before they lead to a crisis.

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More information
What can Threat Intelligence be used for?

Four reasons to choose Threat Intelligence from Sentor:

  1. Discover and control data leakage
  2. Avert intentional attacks
  3. Protect corporate reputation
  4. Protect important personnel

Security Operations Center

Sentor’s managed SOC services are divided into two types; BlueSOC services and RedSOC services. BlueSOC services are defensive by nature and aim to maintain internal defense, by detecting and responding to cyber threats. Sentor’s RedSOC services are offensive and aim to continuously identify and address deficiencies in the customer’s security posture, both technical vulnerabilities and more structural weaknesses.

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