24/7 network monitoring,
analysis and incident reporting

Detect internal and external threats 24/7

As the number of security incidents in the IT field increases, the methods that attackers employ are increasingly complex to meet. Stopping a dedicated attacker requires constant network monitoring. That means a security team that monitors, analyzes and manages incidents 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

NetworkSentry consists of passive IDS or in-line IPS deployed in the customer environment, monitoring traffic flows 24/7.

NetworkSentry protects your core business

Many companies have physical security in place, but neglect their real assets which  are stored digitally. With secure network monitoring from Sentor you get a cost effective service to increase your IT security. We analyze both network traffic and logs from IT systems looking for signs of attacks and intrusions.

Our security analysts keep track of events in your network around the clock

Alarms and information from your IT systems are monitored and investigated by the experts in our Security Operations Center (SOC) around the clock. In cases where we identify something that looks suspicious, we act according to an incident response plan that we have developed in consultation with you.

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How it works

What is included?

We tailor the service according to your specific needs and IT environment. With NetworkSentry you’ll get a market leading service for network surveillance that includes:

  • Network anomaly detection
  • Reputation based detection
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Enhanced malware and zero-day detection capabilities
  • Application awareness


NetworkSentry from Sentor has the following advantages:

  • A custom solution for network surveillance based on your needs and demands
  • “Next generation detection and prevention for the next generation threats”
  • SLA-driven delivery with a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM)
  • A dedicated security partner, specialized in IT security since 1998

Security Operations Center

Sentor’s managed SOC services are divided into two types; BlueSOC services and RedSOC services. BlueSOC services are defensive by nature and aim to maintain internal defense, by detecting and responding to cyber threats. Sentor’s RedSOC services are offensive and aim to continuously identify and address deficiencies in the customer’s security posture, both technical vulnerabilities and more structural weaknesses.

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