BlueSOC LogSentry

24/7 SIEM monitoring,
analysis and incident reporting

Increase traceability and prevent incidents with SIEM

For effective security incident detection, network based monitoring is no longer enough. Using log data from a diverse set of sources is a key element in detecting advanced threats and misuse of systems and applications. This requires management of large data volumes, advanced detection logic and qualified log management. With LogSentry from Sentor you will be able to detect and investigate security incidents, meet compliance requirements and reporting needs in complex IT-environments.

A combination of leading technology and proprietary solutions

To ensure a world class service, we utilize the best tools on the market together with systems developed in house for advanced detection and reporting.

Why choose SIEM as a service

SIEM require continuous adjustments and monitoring to work satisfactorily and deliver value and ROI. SIEM places high demands on IT security knowledge and experience. Sentor has therefore developed a service where we take responsibility for everything from definition of requirements to the ongoing operation and 24/7 monitoring of logs and alerts. LogSentry is developed together with the client to be tailored to the client’s needs and requirements.

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How it works

how logsentry

What is included?


  • NOC/SOC-delivery
  • Service monitoring
  • SLA
  • Platform management (patching and upgrades)
  • Capacity Management

Incident Management and reporting

  • Methodology for monitoring security logs
  • Incident management and reporting in realtime
  • Trend analysis

Development and adaptation

  • Changes to log sources and formats
  • Changes in search criteria
  • Create reports and dashboards
  • Create and change alarm structures

Compliance reporting

  • Compliances reports
  • Deviation reports


There are several advantages with LogSentry from Sentor. Among other things you’ll get:

  • A service fully managed by SIEM-experts
  • A clear methodology for requirements, implementation and delivery of services
  • Real-time monitoring, analysis and incident response 24/7
  • Enables visibility and measurability of security
  • Enables better IT Forensics

Security Operations Center

Sentor’s managed SOC services are divided into two types; BlueSOC services and RedSOC services. BlueSOC services are defensive by nature and aim to maintain internal defense, by detecting and responding to cyber threats. Sentor’s RedSOC services are offensive and aim to continuously identify and address deficiencies in the customer’s security posture, both technical vulnerabilities and more structural weaknesses.

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