Operational security, outsourcing and crisis management

The common notion that major operational incidents are a thing of the past thanks to redundancy and business continuity has proven to be wrong. In recent years, there have been massive incidents resulting in service interruptions lasting up to two month incurring costs of several million USD.

The chain that constitutes operational security is both long and highly complex. Getting it right requires many aspects work together.

Sentor is well-positioned to assist organizations with the identification of operational risks and implementing relevant protection. to mitigate these risks. Our staff has the experience and competence to help you.

Outsourcing your operations?

It is assumed that when operation is outsourced there is no longer an operational challenge since the SLA will ensure that everything is available when needed. This is true to a certain extent. It is important to consider that an SLA will make certain that the requirements are followed. This means it is extremely important when outsourcing to define the right requirements for operational security. The obvious challenge is to do this without jeopardizing the outsourcing business case.

Sentor can help you to strike the right balance here.

Time to audit your outsourcing partner?

From time to time it may be a good idea to audit your outsourcing partner. It may be for compliance reasons (like ISO 27001 or PCI DSS) or you want to be certain that you get what you pay for. In our experience, it is better to have a third party perform this audit.

Contact Sentor if you want to discuss the available audit options and how we most effectively can perform the audit that best meet your needs.

Crisis management

When things take a turn for the worst and an incident develops into a crisis, both crisis management and resilient systems need to be in place. Normal redundancy alone, included in most outsourcing offerings, will most likely not be sufficient.

Sentor can help you identify the relevant systems and make them resilient.

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