Information Security Health Check

Evaluate your security posture
with support from our experts

An overall review of information security within your organisation

Most organisations need to evaluate their information security at some point. Without an overview of the current situation, it is difficult to put appropriate measures in place, to minimise risks and protect sensitive information. With the help of excellence in the field, you can raise your awareness and put in efforts where it is most crucial for your organisation.

Based on solid experience and international standards, such as the ISO 27000 series, an overall review of your company’s security is conducted to evaluate where you are, what shortcomings you have and what you should focus on and in what order. Our starting point is highly pragmatic and is based on your business and your specific requirements.

We conduct interviews and verify documentation

Sentor’s approach is straightforward. Relevant people with good insight into your business and IT environment are interviewed in order to make a fair assessment of your information security work. During the interviews, some further analysis will also be made by looking into evidence such as documentation.

You get an overall report with clear recommendations

The result of the review will be an overall report describing the current situation, with examples of improvement areas and clear recommendations. The report can serve several purposes, both as a basis for your management, but also for the operational security management within the organization. The goal is to get an overview of where you are and where you should put your resources to improve in a short- and long-term perspective.

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