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Incident Management Readiness

The evolving nature of cyber threats and the rapid evolution of technology means that all organisations are susceptible to security incidents. As a business owner, it is your legal responsibility to protect and ensure that your business and customer data is in safe hands.

Unfortunately, you will probably not get a heads-up when a cyberattack will occur and what impact it might have on your organisation. In the event of a cyber security incident, it is all about minimizing the impact and get back to business as soon as possible.

Still, many organisations lack the proper preparations to be able to efficiently qualify and manage security incidents. When an incident occurs, these deficiencies can lead to confusion and faulty initiatives that can hamper the process or even make things worse.

Get processes in place and clarify responsibilities

Sentor enables a standardised way of managing security incidents, based on the international standard ISO 27001, which helps clients to avoid confusion and common pitfalls. Our Incident Management Readiness is a lightweight and packaged consultancy service that will help you get the basic process in place, clarify responsibilities and avoid confusion when incidents occur.

Our approach follows the cycle set out in the ISO/IEC 27000-series

  1. Plan and prepare the management of information security incidents
  2. Implementation of the information security incident management
  3. Check effectiveness of information security incident management
  4. Act


• GAPs with roadmap (activities needed)
• Incident management policy
• Incident management procedure
• Incident management roles and responsibilities
• Incident Report Template

Key benefits

• Reduce adverse business impacts
• Strengthen information security prevention focus
• Compliance with requirements upon incident reporting and management
• Improve overall information security

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Sentor's technical security consultant demonstrates how easy it is to exploit a security hole in an application and get access to critical information. He even takes control of the microphone and webcam on the journalist’s computer.

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