Security Counseling


IT and information security counseling

In today’s computerized world, there is a constant struggle between IT security and those looking to penetrate the lines of defense. Where yielding to criminals is not an option, companies must continuously analyze events in the world and take proactive steps to reduce their exposure and improve their IT security. Few companies unfortunately have the time, resources or skillsets needed to keep up with of all this. One thing is for sure, your business is under constant threat.

External advisors

Many companies bring in external advisors with expertise and experience to anticipate trends and current threats. Counselors provide knowledge and strategies enabling the company to become more proactive in their IT security. One way to improve security is by shrinking the target area for cyber crime.

Here are some examples of how Sentor security counselors can assist companies:

  • Analyze on-going events to predict trends that may be a threat to the company
  • Participate in projects and groups to confirm or question the general direction of IT security as well as the technologies and solutions your company is employing
  • Evaluate and guide preventive IT security for developers, specialists and management
  • Design long-term plans and security strategies
  • Develop IT security policies according to ISO 27001 and ISO 27002
  • Share technical expertise in various areas
  • Training in security processes and management
  • Review projects, suppliers, etc.
  • Implement and revise IT security strategies

Counseling is based on trust

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