Business Continuity Management – ISO 22301


Business Continuity Management – ISO 22301

Business continuity management according to ISO 22301 ensures that you are able to manage disruptions, restore operations to normal mode, maintain operations and reduce recovery time.

ISO 22301 specifies requirements for a management system to protect, reduce the likelihood of, and ensure that your company will recover from any disruption.

Already working with ISO 22301?

Whether you have experience with continuity planning and ISO 22301 or they are new to you, we will adapt our services to ensure your needs are met and your critical business processes are up and running.

Benefits of contingency planning and business continuity management

  • Identification and management of threats to your business in event of disruption
  • Implementation of a proactive approach to prevent and reduce disruption cost
  • Reduction in downtime and recovery time
  • Enhanced ability to sustain operations
  • Higher availability of critical business systems and functions
  • Shows your customers and suppliers that you take business continuity seriously

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